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R.T.I. Organization has come in existence on 31st Dec 2001 at federation hall Anandilal Poddar Marg,Dhobi Talao Mumbai,by the auspicious hand of Shri Swami Anand Ashram Saraswati Karpatriji Maharaji. This Organization is affliated with International Vedic Social Organization and Vishwa Vedant Sansthan South Hauk London (U.K.)
The inaugration ceremony was presided by Swami Shri Devji Hans, Founder President of R.T.I

R.T.I has come into existence due to the following reasons :
  • To keep our Nationality intact.
  • To construct a New World which will not be bounded by Caste and Religion.
  • All people who will live in this world will be named 'Hans' whether male or female
  • Their Identitiy may be as it is, but they have to put Hans after their as it will differentiate between water and milk, i.e. between right and wrong and also because our country comprises of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikh Community and one motive for all is to keep humanity and that is our Rashtra Dharam and Ancient Vedic Indian Culture.
R.T.I Public Charitable Trust provide food, shelter, clothes etc and will also do the uplifting of poor and needy persons.
R.T.I Public Charitable Trust will show how to live in society with love, respect, affection etc.
R.T.I Public Charitable Trust will have its offices all over the world and its membership will be kept open for people of the entire world, so that many people can come under our banner.
This organoization is NOT A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION, but a NGO. It will never come under politics in the future because its constitution is made like wise.

R.T.I Public Charitable Trust will make a Country, which will be like Vedic times.
Special Motives of R.T.I Public Charitable Trust :

To Remove :
  • Illiteracy
  • Non-Availibility of Basic Needs.
  • Insult
  • Injustice.
  • Non - Faith.
  • No Compatibility.
  • Unlawful Acts.
To Eradicate :
  • Impurities from the society and fix for Truth, Justice, Self-Confidence and to take initiative to ocnstruct and brighten our country.
  • To perusade citizens for self - defence.
  • To organize various types of camps for medical, social and cultural.
  • To start with educational system, universities and to use different articles through which all the social of culture will be characterized.
The works which will be undertaken by R.T.I. Public Charitable Trust are :

1) Creative Work :
  • Opening New Schools.
  • Professional training colleges and institutes.
  • Educational Centres.
  • Public Social Work.
  • To organize Seminars.
  • To publish Magazines and Newspapers.
  • To organize for visits to all cities and rural areas of our country.
  • To organize meetings, camps, debates etc at regular intervals.

1) Organizational Work :
  • To appoint R.T.I director on a state level.
  • Vidhan Sabha Deputy Director for Municipal Wards, Police Stations etc. at these places will be or should be one supervisor.
  • In every field there must be one R.T.I. Guard.
  • Every R.T.I officer will look into the matter of every type and will solve them as soon as possible.

UseFul Links :
News & Events
RTI Public Charitable trust is happy to introduce the RTI Digital Bharat. RTI Public Charitable trust is happy to introduce the RTI cow saving, RTI Smart school, RTI toilet project, bio gas project, RTI Smart payout project, RTI chitrakoot unversity project and RTI HANS DIgital bharat.
By : Swami Shri Devji Hans
Posted On : 20/07/2018 01:00:00 PM
RTI Public Charitable trust is happy to introduce the RTI SBI Smart Payout card for everyone and RTI Public Charitable Trust Will pay the Card Issue Charges on your behalf.
By : Swami Shri Devji Hans
Posted On : 24/05/2014 01:00:00 PM
We are happy to announce that all needy people throughout India (Widows. Senior Citizens etc.) who do not have any source of monthly income can opt for the Pension Scheme Facility that's being provided by any Nationalized Bank all over India. You can do so by deopsiting a sum of Rs. 1000/- while opening the account and hence avail a sum of Rs. 1000/- per month as Pension for the period of three(3) years.
By : Swami Shri Devji Hans
Posted On : 29/03/2011 9:00:00 AM
Good news for Farmers in the country- The planning commission of india has decided to provice Kisan Credit Card to the needy kisan. With this facility the farmers can avail a credit of Rs.50000/- at no intrest. Also the kisan can avail Rs.2 lakh loan just at nominal intrest charges Rs.2%. hurry up and take advantage of the scheme of Govt. Of India. Jai Jawan Jai kisan
- By govt Of India.
By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
Posted On : 26/03/2011 9:00:00 AM
RTI Public Charitable Trust proudly introduces 'Bright World School' and 'Dwapar Vidyapith college of faisabad' will have education upto std 12th Standard equipt with modern amenities and prime facilities which have been aided by RTI.
By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
Posted On : 7/24/2009 9:00:00 AM
Please note that in order to become a State, District, Block, Gram Panchayat member the candidate needs to compulsarily give a Rs.20/- affidavit and police verification as per format. If failed your application will not be accepted
- By Order.
By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
Posted On : 9/24/2009 6:16:50 PM
RTI Public Charitable Trust ventures into the field of Medical Science through Mani Kamal Hospital

RTI Public Charitable Trust Has Proposed to Co-brand with a reputed Indian Bank
By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
Posted On : 9/22/2009 6:16:50 PM
Chitrakoot University - A New Venture of RTI Public Charitable trust in the field of education

Following is the list of the proposed university which ate aided by RTI Public Charitable trust and will be giving free education to students.
U.P - 8
M.P - 8
Maharashtra - 6
Gujrat - 6
Rajasthan - 6
Bihar - 6
Jammu-Kashmir - 1
himachal Pradesh - 2
Delhi - 2
Uttaranchal - 2
haryana - 4
Punjab - 4
Andhra Pradesh - 4
Karnataka - 4
Tamilnadu - 4
Kerala - 2
Aasam - 1
Orisa - 1
Meghalay - 1
Arunachal Pradesh - 1
Chhattisgarh - 2
Jharkhand - 2
Manipur - 1
Mizoram - 1
Nagaland - 1
Sikkim - 1
Tripura - 1
West Bengol - 3
Goa - 1
Andaman & Nikobar -1 Chandigarh - 1
Dadara & Nagar Haweli - 1
Diu & Daman - 1
Pondechery - 1
Lakshadweep - 1
By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
Posted On : 9/22/2009 6:16:50 PM
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