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R.T.I Public Charitable Trust was started by the following dignitaries : -
  • Swami Shri Devji Hans - Honourable Founder
  • View Profile
  • Dr. R.K. Pandey - General Secretary
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  • Mirza Manzoor Ahmed Sayyed - Vice President
  • View Profile
  • Farooqui Ajaz Reaz
  • View Profile
  • Prof. G. N Pandey, Ph.D - Adjunct Professor, IIT, Allahabad
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  • Dr. P.K Seth
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  • Dr. Virendra Pratap Singh
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    A Divine Soul, A Reverend Saint, A Noted Philanthropist, An Ascetic, A Proactive Social Reformer, An Educationalist, A Sapient Philosopher, A Discerning Psychologist, A Placating Healer, Original Creator of the RTI Act, A religious Proponent of the concept of having Unique Identification (UID) for all Indians, A Radical Thinker and a true Patriot.

    Shri Swamiji is also a Prospering Businessmen with a firm commitment to devote his earnings for the betterment of life of downtrodden and poor in the society.
    • Chairman & Managing Director, M/s Maya Textile Mills - Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, Founded in the Year-1986
    • Founder President - RTI Public Charitable Trust, Mumbai. Founded in the Year-2001
    • Chairman, Governing Council, Chitrakoot University, Chitrakoot, UP (Proposed Deemed University)
    • Life Member - Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai
    • Life Member - Sahitya Kala Manch, Mumbai
    • Managing Committee Member - Pandit Rajaram Inter College, Sultanpur, UP
    • Managing Committee Member - Dwapar Vidyapeeth Inter College, Baraipara, Faizabad, UP
    • Managing Committee Member - Saraswati Shishu Ghyanmandir, Jatashankar, Gorakhpur, UP
    • Managing Committee Member - Hindi BalVidya Mandir , Sakinaka, Mumbai
    • Director - Athina Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
    • Director - Vasudev Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
    • Director - Vimalam Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
    • Director - Shree Ashutosh Build Well
    • Director - Shree Ashtavinayak Builders & Developers
  • Original Founder and Proponent of RTI Act:
  • Shri Swamiji perceived the necessity of having transparency in all government and bureaucratic dealings, transactions and monetary flows owing to rampant corruption in these areas. He realized that it was imperative to formulate an effective mechanism/framework which would make these details freely and readily available to the common citizens of India and all individuals across the world. After 5 years of his unrelenting follow-ups on the above matter with the Government of India, finally the government passed the Right To Information ACT for the benefit of all citizens of India (2001-2005).

    Since then Swamiji and RTI Trust have been conducting awareness and guidance programs on the Right To Information Act and Tejasvi Bharat Ka Nirman (CREATION OF A RADIANT INDIA) all over the country, a few of the places are listed below: Calcutta-West Bengal, Dharavi-Mumbai, Dadar-Mumbai, Karjat, Asalpha-Mumbai, Maya Bazar-Uttar Pradesh.
  • Proponent of the implementation of Unique Identification (UID) for all Indians:
  • Shri Swamiji is religiously following up his concept with the Govt. of India to create a Unique Identification Number (UIN) for every citizen of India with a detailed information database to facilitate welfare programs specifically designed for different strata of the society.
  • Creator of RACHIT KOSH (Fund) at Central Govt Level:
  • Shri Swamiji has created a separate fund in the name of RACHIT KOSH at the Central Govt. Level by munificently donating funds earned from his various Business Ventures. This fund would administer amongst impoverished people as per the discretion of a Govt committee.
  • Custodian of funds conferred by INTERNATIONAL VISHVAVEDANT SANSTHA to RTI Public Charitable Trust:
  • Shri Swamiji has received funds/donations from INTERNATIONAL VISHVAVEDANT SANSTHA, South Haq, London, UK, on behalf of RTI Public Charitable Trust for evolving Educational and Social Programs to realize his dream of 'TEJASVI BHARAT KA NIRMAN' (CREATION OF A RADIANT INDIA)
  • He is the most doted disciple of SWAMI SHRI ANAND ASHRAM KARPATRIJI, London, UK.
    • Work on the direction of almighty God to make India Vishva Guru (a Revered Super Power)
    • Working to create a society of Vishwa Bandhutava (Global Brotherhood) for Peaceful Co-existence
    • Self-realization
    • To be fabled as a real idol for the human kind
    • Ask to the infinite for whatever I want
    • Believe that I am going to get it
    • Receive what I ask for
    • Always maintain a Positive attitude
    • God is within everyone
    • Peace, Love, and Happiness characterize the Basic nature of human being
    • Simplicity and Ease characterize the Basic pattern of behavior.
    • I should spread gratitude and unconditional love everywhere.
    • Believe in, I am infinite and immortal
    • TEJSVI BHARAT KA NIRMAN (CREATION OF A RADIANT INDIA) --- Guidance and support at every level of the efforts made by them.
    • Infinite blessings of God and my Guru through me
    • Physical/Mental Cure and Healing for cases beyond the scope of Medical Science.
    • Moral boosting through the teachings of our Indian Ancient wisdom.
    • Receive Positive Energy for its use for the well being of human kind.
    • HANS upadhi(designation) for all Indian People and Teachings of Ultimate Goal of Life.
    (Five Years Plan --- 2010-2015) :
  • Education for All :
  • Through setting up Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, Vocational Study Centres, Schools, Agricultural Research & Development Centres, Computer Learning Centers, etc.
  • Employment for All :
  • Taking up various types of projects for National Development for Creation of employment on a large scale.
  • Health for All :
  • Through setting up of Hospitals & Polyclinics at all Tahasil Places all over India.
  • Teaching of Sanskaras (Culture):
  • Opening of SANSKAR KENNDRA (Cultural Centers) in every village and Teachings of Sanskars through SATSANG (sermons).
  • Research Centers :
  • Research centers to create Projects on Economy based Optimum Technologies and implementation of the Projects for Societal Development and facilitation.
  • Small Scale Project implementations: :
  • Funding by HANS Group to proactive small scale entrepreneurs who possess business qualities and have taken up initiatives for Small Scale Projects.
  • 7. Manav Seva (Human Service) & Parivartan Program (Transformation Program):
  • Through Street Play, Seminars, Conferences, Documentary screenings, Movies all over India.
  • Universal Brotherhood (Vishva Bandhutva):
  • Conducting Seminars, Conferences on the theme of Universal Brotherhood all over the world and saving the Planet Earth from Negative Energy that is disrupting world peace and creating a bellicose situation between the different counties across the Globe.
  • Right To Information and UID :
  • Research centers to create Projects on Economy based Optimum Technologies and implementation of the Projects for Societal Development and facilitation.
  • Basic needs of Society ---Food, Cloth & Shelter :
    (Roti, Kapada & Makan)
  • Under the theme 'Shelter for All' --- planning to create homes for Lower Income Group(LIG) and needy . Food & Cloths for Adivashi (tribal) and Poor people.
  • Free Insurance & Pension Scheme for LIG People :
  • Through RTI Public Charitable Trust --- Free Group Insurance for poor and needy people in association with LIC & Bajaj Allianz Insurance companies.
  • Patriotism & National Security :
  • Teachings of national pride and self defense and Security of our Country by instilling awareness in the masses through Schools, Colleges, Universities by creating a well defined and planned program.
    News & Events
    RTI Public Charitable trust is happy to introduce the RTI Digital Bharat. RTI Public Charitable trust is happy to introduce the RTI cow saving, RTI Smart school, RTI toilet project, bio gas project, RTI Smart payout project, RTI chitrakoot unversity project and RTI HANS DIgital bharat.
    By : Swami Shri Devji Hans
    Posted On : 20/07/2018 01:00:00 PM
    RTI Public Charitable trust is happy to introduce the RTI SBI Smart Payout card for everyone and RTI Public Charitable Trust Will pay the Card Issue Charges on your behalf.
    By : Swami Shri Devji Hans
    Posted On : 24/05/2014 01:00:00 PM
    We are happy to announce that all needy people throughout India (Widows. Senior Citizens etc.) who do not have any source of monthly income can opt for the Pension Scheme Facility that's being provided by any Nationalized Bank all over India. You can do so by deopsiting a sum of Rs. 1000/- while opening the account and hence avail a sum of Rs. 1000/- per month as Pension for the period of three(3) years.
    By : Swami Shri Devji Hans
    Posted On : 29/03/2011 9:00:00 AM
    Good news for Farmers in the country- The planning commission of india has decided to provice Kisan Credit Card to the needy kisan. With this facility the farmers can avail a credit of Rs.50000/- at no intrest. Also the kisan can avail Rs.2 lakh loan just at nominal intrest charges Rs.2%. hurry up and take advantage of the scheme of Govt. Of India. Jai Jawan Jai kisan
    - By govt Of India.
    By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
    Posted On : 26/03/2011 9:00:00 AM
    RTI Public Charitable Trust proudly introduces 'Bright World School' and 'Dwapar Vidyapith college of faisabad' will have education upto std 12th Standard equipt with modern amenities and prime facilities which have been aided by RTI.
    By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
    Posted On : 7/24/2009 9:00:00 AM
    Please note that in order to become a State, District, Block, Gram Panchayat member the candidate needs to compulsarily give a Rs.20/- affidavit and police verification as per format. If failed your application will not be accepted
    - By Order.
    By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
    Posted On : 9/24/2009 6:16:50 PM
    RTI Public Charitable Trust ventures into the field of Medical Science through Mani Kamal Hospital

    RTI Public Charitable Trust Has Proposed to Co-brand with a reputed Indian Bank
    By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
    Posted On : 9/22/2009 6:16:50 PM
    Chitrakoot University - A New Venture of RTI Public Charitable trust in the field of education

    Following is the list of the proposed university which ate aided by RTI Public Charitable trust and will be giving free education to students.
    U.P - 8
    M.P - 8
    Maharashtra - 6
    Gujrat - 6
    Rajasthan - 6
    Bihar - 6
    Jammu-Kashmir - 1
    himachal Pradesh - 2
    Delhi - 2
    Uttaranchal - 2
    haryana - 4
    Punjab - 4
    Andhra Pradesh - 4
    Karnataka - 4
    Tamilnadu - 4
    Kerala - 2
    Aasam - 1
    Orisa - 1
    Meghalay - 1
    Arunachal Pradesh - 1
    Chhattisgarh - 2
    Jharkhand - 2
    Manipur - 1
    Mizoram - 1
    Nagaland - 1
    Sikkim - 1
    Tripura - 1
    West Bengol - 3
    Goa - 1
    Andaman & Nikobar -1 Chandigarh - 1
    Dadara & Nagar Haweli - 1
    Diu & Daman - 1
    Pondechery - 1
    Lakshadweep - 1
    By : RTI Public Charitable Trust
    Posted On : 9/22/2009 6:16:50 PM
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